Powerball Brings International Winners


Powerball Brings International Winners

Idaho lawmakers moved Wednesday to pull the nation from the current Powerball lottery, officially setting an end to years of involvement in the wildly popular card game for its international plans to grow internationally. The move comes just days ahead of a critical international meeting that involves the Powerball participants and investors. The meeting is the World Future Society annual meeting of Powerball participants in Idaho. The organization says it has discussed arrangements with other Powerball players from different countries to create what it calls the “world’s largest private investment fund.” The formation of a World Future Society is said to be part of a plan by the world’s leading economies to stimulate economic growth around the globe.

State officials in Idaho say they didn’t make the decision to drop Powerball from the state’s major gambling events because of the growing concern about the high amount of money players are winning daily in Powerball. Instead, they cited recent studies showing the overwhelming popularity of Powerball as a result of high turnout at major gambling events. According to Idaho’s attorney general, the growing popularity of Powerball will lead to unprecedented losses at Idaho’s three major casinos: the Rexports, Exmouth casinos and the Stratham casinos. The attorneys general warn that if the trend continues, they’ll be forced to scrap their plan to introduce the new international version of Powerball into Idaho’s public schools.

“The proposal would have absolutely devastating effects on the revenues at all of our states’ casinos and would eliminate the financial base that we need for schools in Idaho,” said Representative Mike Caldwell, who is the minority whip in the state’s House. “It’s clear that politicians in Idaho like to play politics and stick their nose where it doesn’t belong. Now is the time for them to stop trying to do things that aren’t working and focus on actually solving problems.”

The World Future Society and the Entertainment Industry Association of Washington, D.C. are trying to put a stop to the plan to introduce international version of powerball which they claim could cause more harm than good. “The lottery is already proving to be a massive economic boost for cities across the United States,” says Willard Brown, national chairman of the World Future Society. “Swapping the powerball jackpot for a universal lottery ticket will cost U.S. tax payers an estimated $6 billion dollars. The addition of the white balls in powerball wouldn’t help the numbers but could cost taxpayers additional millions of dollars and put yet another dent in already struggling economies.”

The United States Congress passed a bill in January that may prevent Powerball from traveling to Idaho. The bill is called Preventing International Powerball Gaming Enforcement Act. The Idaho State legislature has already voted in favor of the legislation. The House and Senate voted in favor of the measure. Now it is a matter of signing off on the changes and making sure that everyone playing in Idaho knows about the ban.

Although the U.S. House has already voted in favor of the legislation preventing the entry of non-U.S. citizens into Powerball jackpots, the battle rages on. Idaho State officials and the MGM Company, owner of the popular Las Vegas card game, are fighting hard against the law. They argue that foreigners would be interested in buying Powerball tickets in Idaho because the price is much lower. On the other hand, lawmakers and card players alike in Idaho believe that allowing the game to travel interstate will bring in more tourists and buyers, at least another year or two.

National Lottery officials in Augusta, Georgia are not in favor of Powerball being introduced into the state because it could create a new revenue stream that will temporarily hurt the state’s economy. The U.S. Congress does not have any power to interfere with what the states do with their own laws. However, the U.S. Conference of Mayors, which is made up of the mayor of numerous cities, along with the Georgia General Assembly, is considering taking up the issue.

It is still too soon to tell how the Powerball battle will turn out. But for now, Powerball players from all over the U.S. and Australia can rejoice. They will now have a way to win millions of dollars in prizes, while enjoying a fun and safe game of Powerball. So, if you want to play a good relaxing game, pick up your favorite card and start your vacation right away. If you happen to live in Idaho, the game of Powerball can be introduced to you today.